Become a Full Monk in Bitlife with Our Latest Step-By-Step Guide on How to Become a Monk in Bitlife

First of All, Happy Monday to All of Your Office, School, or College Bitizens, I Hope You Guys are Fine and Doing Well During This Pandemic.

As Most of You Guys Already Know That Now Bitlife Releases a New Challenge Every Weekend to Make There Players More Engaged and Have More Fun While Playing Bitlife.

And on This Weekend Bitlife Introduced Us to a New Challenge Called Bitlife Monk Challenge, Where You Can Become a Full Warrior or Spiritual Monk and Spend The Rest of Your Life Teaching Other and Helping Other in Various Forms.

I Know Some of You are Really Excited About This Particular Challenge and to Complete it As Well and Become a Monk in bitlife , and If You Don’t Know About This Challenge or How to Become a Monk in Bitlife.

Then Don’t Worry I am Here to Help You Out, As I Always Do, I Have Covered All The Possible Ways Tips & Tricks to Become a Monk in Bitlife with Your First Attempt.

So, Without Wasting Any Time Let’s Jump in to The Article and Find Out Those Easy Ways Right Now.

How to Become Monk in Bitlife

Now Here’s Come The Fun and Main Thing a Step-by-Step Guide to How to Become a Monk in Bitlife or How to Complete a Shaolin Monk Challenge in Bitlife.

To Become a Monk in Real, Reel or Virtual All You Have to Do is Follow The Strict Self Discipline From You Childhood to Until You Become a Monk in Bitlife,

And You Have to Leave (N) Number of Habits, Food, Place or Person Just to Become a Monk as Well,

Here’s Some Key Points That You Can Follow

  • Lifestyle:-  Lifestyle is The First and Most Important Thing of a Monk, You Have to Follow a Pure and Simple Lifestyle to Avoid Any Chances of Rejection.
  • Education:- To Become a Monk in Bitlife, You Have to Complete Your Basic Education Such as Graduation.
  • Job:- Becoming a Monk is Already a Job Where You Don’t Get Paid For Much For That, And You Can Apply For The Job After Completing Your Graduation From The Jobs Section.
  • Love or Partner:- Aah! There’s Come The Toughest One For At Least a Real Human, You Have to Keep Your Virginity Form School to Your Old Age, Don’t Involve with Any Kind of Sexual Activities.

That’s All You Have Do To Become a Monk in Bitlife, And There’s One More Thing That is Bitlife Shaolin Monk Challenge.

If You Want Me Write an Article on The Same Please Let Me Know So That, I Can Help You with Bitlife New Challenges As Well.


Here We are at The End of This Amazing Bitlife Monk Challenge Guide, Which Cover All The Up and Down’s As Well As The Do and Don’t to Become The Monk in Virtual Life.

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How do I become a monk in BitLife?

You Have to Live Your Life Purely and Simply without Touching Alcohol, Sex, or Thing That are not Pure in Buddhist Religion.

How do you become a monk?

You Can Become a Monk By Completing Your Basic Education Along with Graduation in Any Subject, Then Join a Job Under a Monk or Monastery to Be One Of Them.

Can monks get married BitLife?

No, You Can’t Marry or Even You Can’t Have Sex with Anyone During Your School or College Days.

If You Do So, Then There 100% Chances That You’ll not Become a Monk, As a Monk You Have to Keep Your Virginity Locked From Your Childhood to Your Old Age.

What is a monk?

A Monk is Basically a Buddhist Priest, Who Lived in a Monastery and Don’t Get Married to Anyone or Even Don’t Have Any Sex Partner in Their Entire Life.

They are All Devoted to Their God Lord Buddha and Follow Their Path with 100% Purity and Simplicity.