Highest Paying Jobs in Bitlife Life Simulator ✅ are same as in real life, Bitlife offers grabbing those Fastest Ways to highest paying career

Highest Paying Jobs in Bitlife:- With new jobs being added to BitLife in every new update, we have come with an update of the highest paying jobs in Bitlife. With Android users also being added to the server,

You can expect a large number of Highest Paying Jobs in Bitlife and existing high paying jobs having chances of failing. Keeping all these in mind, we have created a guideline that will help you learn How To Get a Job in Bitlife, also tell you about Bitlife Salary and Bitlife Jobs List in detail.

Highest Paying Jobs in Bitlife 2021

BitLife being a game where you can be anyone you want and do what you want to earn money and make a living, gamers will also need to keep in mind that they also have a good future in hand.

Yes, you can choose to be a businessman which offers the Highest Paying Jobs in Bitlife offer and make your way to the top but you will face much competition, Where else you can also be a contract killer and earn but you won’t be able to lead a normal life and might end up getting caught up or killed by others.

SO, keeping in mind what job you seek to earn a luxurious life along without working your whole life for it, this Bitlife Career Guide will help you find the Best Paying Jobs in Bitlife.

A Profession is A Profession

BitLife offers many jobs and professions that you can choose from.  These include the best-highest paying jobs in bitlife as well as jobs that will offer satisfaction at a moderate revenue. And depending on which job you think you can make a lot of money with, you can try it here in Bitlife.

With Bitlife you can try studying different subjects to choose from a wide variety of jobs which also offers a wide range of salaries, So choose a job that will help you earn a lot might be problematic in other if you choose to go for it. For instance,

If you choose to go for the profession “Doctor” in Bitlife you might think that you will study medicine and become a doctor living in America earning an average of $100K but with this decision comes to a lot of risks as well.

As we said, if you choose to be a doctor as your profession, you will earn on an average of $100K but you will have a lot of debt to full fill that you incurred while studying for medical.


And this will result in you earning $100K but as well as trying to pay off debt throughout half of your professional life which will make reaching your goal of leading a happy life hard and even in some instances unachievable.

On the other hand, choose to become a doctor can also be a great career in Bitlife Jobs List which will help you get one of the Highest Paying Jobs in Bitlife. You will also have chances of getting a scholarship from the university that you are studying in. This will help you start earning more and pay off your debts faster.

So, you can have an instance that choosing any career in Bitlife can end up having different outcomes as even with the same career you can earn more or less depending on how you took the decision of studying.

Ss, here is a Bitlife Career Guide that will help you understand what your average earning will be that you can choose if you are new to BitLife to get the Highest Paying Jobs in Bitlife.

Highest Paying Jobs in Bitlife LIST & EARNINGS

  • General at Officer RanksEarning on an average of $ 186,996.
  • Magistrate Court Judge Earning on an average of $175,941.
  • Sexy Movie Star Earning on an average of $1,00,000.
  • Sr. Pharmacist at Medical Earning on an average of $83,188.
  • Corporate Stockbroker Earning on an average of $74,834.
  • Sr. Detective at Police Department Earning on an average of $67,388.
  • Corporate Business Analyst Earning on an average of $ 66,759.
  • A banker at Bank Earning on an average of $64,017.
  • Sr. Veterinarian at Veterinary Clinic Earning on an average of $ 64,145.
  • Corporate Jr. Architect Earning on an average of $53,272.
  • Corporate Computer Programmer Earning on an average of $50,974.
  • Become a Bitlife Pop Star with New Bitlfie Pop Star Career
  • Become a Bitlife Politician with New Bitlife Politics Update

So, these are a list of few of the jobs that will help you earn as high as $2,00,000 and as low as $50,000 which also full fills the criteria of being satisfied in the list of Health, Happiness, Smart and Looks which can be 100/100  at least 50% to win the game.

We have limited the list here and there are more jobs to choose from which will also include promotion depending on the study and experience over time.

What Are The Highest Paying Jobs or Profession in Bitlife?

Well if you want to know about the highest paying job in BitLife then straight away that would be being a “Leprechaun“. Being Leprechaun which is an Employer at Treasure Industries will help you earn nearly $5,00,000 in a year which is on the top of the Highest Paying Jobs.

Well, what a Leprechaun does is still a thing that no one knows even as a player who has owned the position.

At the end of the day, with the Career of Leprechaun with a salary of more than $3,348,935 (on average) you can even further increase your salary by impressing your boss to be the best Leprechaun at Rainbow Treasure Industries.

There are more jobs which will help you earn millions so let us have a look at them too.

The second highest paying jobs in bitlife would be the Porn Director, followed by Gambling at Casino and Real Estate. We will talk about these 3 highest paying jobs in Bitlife with details. But do note that, you also have high chances of becoming a millionaire through the lottery and regular paid jobs after you get promoted.

Keeping all that in mind there are a few points that you need to keep in mind if you want to get the Best Paying Jobs through our Bitlife career guide. You will just need to follow the steps like you would do in real life:

Step #1: Choose a Career Path

Choose a career path that willhelp you lead you to any of the highest paid careers in Bitlife. Think and mapout how you want to lead your character.                            

Step #2: Study Hard to Get Highest Paying Jobs in Bitlife

Make the character study hard. Visiting the library once a year will increase the smartness level along with bonuses. Study with a relevant subject in a university which will give you high chances to get into the industry with the highest-paid job.

Step #3: Find a Way for Highest Paying Jobs in Bitlife

Also if you want to get into jobs like acting, porn industry you will need a slightly different path. This will require you to go to the GYM once per year just like in sense like a library.

Become an Actor or Porn Star

If you choose to become an actor or porn star then you can make millions easily. There is only one thinking when you opt to go for becoming an actor or porn star i.e, LOOKS. You will need to hit the 80% mark on your looks and to help you through this process you will need to follow these steps:


  • Make sure your character has 80% or more LOOKS.
  • Once you hit 18 years, you will need to hit the gym one a year for that you will need to ask for money from your parents.
  • Now you will also need to start going to high school and after you graduate, you will need to join up in a job that is related to “Film Studios”. This will offer you the highest chance to be an actor or a porn start.
  • We suggest you keep your looks more than 90%. Hitting the GYM, going for spa and salon once a year can help you achieve even 100%.
  • You should now be able to see Job Offerings, you can either choose or you will be automatically promoted.

You should eventually get to a position where you will find yourself as a Porn Star or Lead Actor.. this will open up a new meter which is the “Fame” percentage bar. The hard work about this is you will need to launch a Social Media platform here you will need to send out messages which you will need type in to keep your Fame meter high.

You can also choose to write books or do photoshoots to boost your fame meter. The Actor/Pornstar world in Bitlife has an ups & downs kind of lifestyle which you will need to keep an eye on to keep your earnings high farmacie-romania.com.

If you want to make even more money then we suggest you go for Playing BlackJack at the Casino or go to a Real Estate dealership about which we will also talk.

Play BlackJack At The Casino

Now if you want to make easy money, then hitting the Blackjack at the Casino will be your first choice. As soon as you hit 18years in the game, go to the Casino and start playing Blackjack.

This game will require a lot of patience and head play from your end. Having patience is the key as if you try to rush it in Blackjack in Bitlife then you will lose all your money.

Highest Paying Jobs in Bitlife

Don’t worry about losing money as there is one tip that we can offer by to save yourself from losing money. Here are the tips on how to start your life as a Blackjack player in Bitlife.

  • You will need to go to the same Casino all the time.
  • Place the highest amount of bidding you can.
  • Play the Hand.
  • If you won the game then leave the Casino as this will help you save your win. And if you lose the game then just click on the Home screen of your device and swipe up to close the Bitlife game completely.
  • If the game ties up then we suggest you play the next hand as usual.
  • Just leave the casino and then start your game over.

You can start betting in $100,000 per hand once you win $70,000 in the same casino. This will help you bet higher and win at a high rate and one you won $700,000 you can then start betting 1Million per hand.

And once you have made a lot of money from playing BlackJack at the casino, you can then start going for Real-estate to make even more money.

Become a Real Estate Agent and Make Highest Paying Jobs in Bitlife

The Real Estate business in BitLife is only good if you have already made a lot of money or won Millions in the lottery. Once you have made a lot of money you can start buying real estate.

Real-estate business in Bitlife is good because just like in real life, the price of real estate will always go up if you invest smartly.

Rather than keeping millions of money sitting just like that, invest in real estate to keep your money for long term investment. Buy places from around the world like near oceanside, casino building and build them up again or any other place that you think will increase in value.

This is the only way you can easily become a billionaire if you choose to by making more money if your actor/pornstar life or at the Casino and buying more real-estate.