So after a long time, Candywriter has once again given a new gift to IOS users by launching BitLife version 1.30.1. But this time the Bitlife version is mostly built by keeping the body, so this update of Bitlife is named BitLife Surprise Me

and this time you will see a lot of changes in the game interface layout in the update. And the accompanying system will see changes in the game’s system.

And through the BitLife Mind and Body Guide, I will give you complete information about all the features added in the new update of BitLife and will tell you which features are beneficial for you.

In the BitLife Mind & Body update, Candywriter has made a lot of changes to the people of BitLife as well as the inner interface of the game as if you will get lots of new ones now.

With the color of the box layout keeps changing, you can now see the color of the box layout changing according to the situation where you will see most of the three colors are Green, Blue, and Yellow.

And along with that you now get a completely new option in the option box, BitLife Surprise Me, which makes the game even more interesting and fun and now you can buy the natural diet by going to the activity section and you can also connect You can also do Kung Fu and other material arts, about which I will give you complete information.

Bitlife Surprise Me 

A lot of new features have been added to the BitLife Mind and Body update, and the one that you will like the most about the feature is BitLife Surprise Me which you are using where you are having trouble making a decision or you If you do not understand which option you choose,

Then you can choose Bitlife Surprise Me option which selects a random choice from the option given to you and As you are getting the results. 

After the BitLight Surprise Mi option, the results that come from it will also surprise you. Because when you click on the Bitlife Surprise Me button many times, it also takes the wrong option or decision for you, which can cause you a lot of problems, so you have to take a little care while choosing BitLife Surprise Me.

Bitlife Surprise Me Disease and Disease System.

Candywriter has added a completely new disease and disease system to the BitLife Mind and Body update to make the bitlife even more real, where you will now see the earlier disease systems in your BitLife character. And now BitLife Doctors can easily detect your disease by looking at your systems and also can easily cure that disease.

And now you don’t even have to go to the Activities section of BitLife to get you treated, you can choose a suitable doctor for you directly from the dashboard and also get your treatment done.

Bitlife Mind and Body Activities

Keeping in mind the BitLife Mind & Body update, Candywriter has added a lot of activities to the Mind & Body and Activate this time with the help of which you can sharpen your Mind even more and also make your body agile and active. Can do, some of the new activities added to BitLife are as follows.

Martial Arts 

bitlife surprise me

In BitLife, you can now learn Martial Arts to protect yourself from enemies and you can also defend yourself with them. Candywriter has included ancient martial arts of different countries to make bitlife more real life so that you Will now enjoy playing this game even more.

And with this, your health will improve and you can spend a healthy lifestyle.

  • Jiu-Jitsu
  • Judo
  • Karate 
  • Kung Fu
  • Taekwondo

Bitlife Surprise Me Diets 

bitlife surprise me

So if you are also a fitness freak and you like to eat healthily, then now you can take the Bitlife diet, especially for those who want to keep their mind and body perfect but all the diet in Bitlife If it is not good, then you should find out once before taking a diet. Whether the diet you are taking is right for you or not.

And the bitlife diet varies according to the country and your health. Sometimes you may also see pests fat burners in the diet and you may also find tapeworms in some diets.

Bitlife Surprise Me Read Books 

In BitLife, you can now read books to complete the Intelligence Bar so that you can become smarter as you are in real life and in BitLife you can do this activity anytime so that your Intelligence Bar Will also be filled.

And if you are thinking that you will find books in BitLife, you can go to the BitLife library and read books

Bitlife Surprise Me Walk’s 

bitlife surprise me walk

BitLife has also added the Walk feature that improves your health very well, and BitLife has also created some senses in which you can have an incident on the way when you go out for a walk. Go or do something at your house.

Types of BitLife Walk


When you eat your stomach full and then go on a walk then it is called Stroll Walk.


And when you go out only to enjoy the weather, then you would say a normal walk.


Brisk and Morning Walk you can call it either of these two and it is jogging done in Normally Morning which some people do fast and some people slow

Speed Walk 

By its name, you must have come to know the meaning that when someone is higher than their normal speech speed, then they say the speed walk.

Bitlife Surprise Me Gardening 

After the introduction of BitLife Mind and Body, you can also do Gardening in BitLife which is a very good exercise for Relaxing Mind and if your character in BitLife is ahead of the old, then by doing Gardening Activities, you can increase the Interaction Bar Can be maintained and can last a long lifetime.


You can tell me by commenting below, what was the best feature of BitLife in this update and after this update, you can share any fun incident with you and if you liked this post, you can follow our Facebook page and also subscribe to our YouTube channel.