Bitlife School Update:- Join The Frats & Sororities in College or University and Increase Your Popularity as Well as Interact with Your Teachers & Fellowmate

So after finally searching all over the internet, you came here to find out. How to join the two new relationships that have been added after the Bitlife School Update?

After the BitLife school update, a lot of things were added to BitLife, two of which were completely new to all BitZen and some BitZens have not yet seen. Yes, I am talking about BitLife Frats and BitLife Sororities. So these are the two new relationships that were added to the BitLife school update along with all the other relationships.

So before talking about these two features of BitLife, let’s talk about the other features associated with this update so that you can get all the things right. As you may have seen in BitLife version 1.22, you used to get study hard and drop out option just like Android users in the school section.

And in the update of BitLife, Candy Writer has tried to do what else he can do to make BitLife School more real, as it is in real life. For which Candy Writer has added features in BitLife version 1.23 and inside the school section that are the same as the school environment in real life.

With this update you can now interact with your classmate and also you can ask them for a date, along with that you can get a chance to have sex with your classmate, Which will be a very exciting thing,

Bitlife School Update [GUIDE] Frats & Sororities

#1 New Interaction:- Familiar with Teachers & Classmates

When you go to school after the Bitlife School Update, you will get to see many new things.

bitlife school update

Like, maybe while studying, some of your classmates came and said to you, let’s go to school, bunk or you start harassing and you start beating him, And not only this but now you will get to see more interaction options in school.

Like you can ask your classmate for a date, you can praise them or even talk to them about something like what did you do yesterday or did you go somewhere tomorrow?

With this, if you write to one of your classmates, then you can flirt with them or you can give them a gift to make them happy, and if you like none, Then you can also do it And if you have a bad mood, you can also fight with your classmates.

Bitlife School Update Teacher Interaction

BitLife school updates where you get all the classmate’s free options to interact, on the other hand, if you want to interact with your teachers, you have to buy BitZenship.

bitlife school update

After purchasing BitZenship you will get many features to interact with the teacher. Like you can copy any of your favorite teachers in your class in their absence, or if you like them you can compliment them as well.

I do not know if it happens in real life also, but in Bitlife school you can also lull a teacher and flirt with them, which student would think of doing it with his teacher?

If you want to give your teacher a gift with it, then you can give it and you also get the option to do their ill-treatment, or you can also make a one night stand with your teacher. 

#2 New Relationship:- Frats and Sororities

So if you like to spend time with people like you, then if you want, for this also, BitLife School Update has been given an option. Where you can spend time with people who think like you after going to college.

And joining these groups will not be so easy. You may also face rejection at times.

You will get the option of Frats and Sororities when you complete your schooling and take admission in university and college kamagra kaufen schweiz. And till the time of School, you get the option of extracurricular activities.

If you take admission in the college, then I believe you must join these groups, because, with the help of Frats and Sororities Group, you will get popularity in your college and will also help in other work.

For example, you can easily get a job in a high position and if you are taking admission in college from university, then you can also get a scholarship.

#3 New Relationship:- School Cliques

So this new feature is like some frets and sororities as if you are interested in art, you can join your school’s Arts Cliques Group and live with people who think like you, So to be with people like you, you also have to prove yourself in front of them.

Joining school cliques is also like getting a ribbon. The only difference between these two is that you get mixed up after the end of your life and you get it at the beginning of your life but the way to get both is the same.

 If you want to get the academic ribbon, then you try that you study as much as possible and do not do any work due to which you will get another ribbon instead of academics. 

Got it?

In the same way, you have to try and do it in the same way that you want to join the school click group and do not do any kind of thing so that you lose the chance to join that school clique group.

These are School Cliques List That You Can Join

  • Artsy Kids – An artsy clique
  • Band Geeks – A geeky clique
  • Brainy Kids – A high functioning clique
  • Drama Kids – A thespian clique
  • Gamers – A gamer clique
  • Goths – A gothic clique
  • Hipsters – A hipster clique
  • Loners – An undesirable clique
  • Jocks (males only) – An athletic clique
  • Mean Girls (females only) – An elite female clique
  • Nerds – An intellectual clique
  • Normals – A non-clique clique
  • Popular Kids – A popular clique
  • Skaters – A skateboarding clique
  • Social Floaters – A chameleon clique
  • Talented Kids – A multi-talented clique
  • Troublemakers – An instigator clique
  • Weebs – A weeb clique

#4 New Grade Association:-

This new grade association has been added for those who used to have fun only during school or they cannot study diligently.

So if you do the same then there is nothing to fear when you do not get admission to any graduate college or university. So you can take admission in these New Bitlife Grade Association and then after studying well,

You can easily get admission to any college or university, And you can also correct your earlier mistakes, after that you find a job so that you can earn more money and live your life happily.

#5 New Extracurricular Activities:-

If you have fun doing something and you have a passion, then you can join one of the extracurricular activity groups in your BitLife school that are right for you.

Joining extracurricular activity groups will help you a lot in your future. As in real life, if you want to become a sportsman, then you can do sports activities which are very important for a sportsman if he wants to become a sportsman.

Assorted Adjustments

Now, let’s talk about those minor changes that have been added to this BitLife school update. And the rest of the changes are so small that there was no need to create a separate section for them, so I have added them to this section.

Global Leader Board

With the help of BitLife Global leaderboard, you can see who are the biggest players of BitLife and what achievements they have achieved such as maybe someone who has produced too many children, or who is at the top of the BitLife leaderboard.

Above are their net worth and everything.

Bitlife School Nurses

I think that by adding BitLife School Nurses, Candy Writer has made BitLife School exactly like a real-life school where if a child gets an injury while studying, then he can get first aid.

Brilliance Test

Now you can also do your memory test, so to do a memory test, just click on the Activities button and you are given below. You have to select the memory test from the option and play the game. The more you cross the level, the better your result will be.


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