Bitlife Ribbon Update:- Get The Latest Bitlife Ribbons Guide Which Covers All The Latest Ribbon That Comes in The Bitlife New Update Version 1.34 and So On

Bitlife Ribbon Update – Well, all of you might be curious about what Candywriters have brought for you this time. Candywriters have already done a fantastic job by developing BitLife Ribbon. This amazing app gets better and bigger with time.

This wonderful game allows the gamer to live a life in a virtual world where he will be called a Bitizen! A Bitizen is then responsible for making his/her own decisions whether good or bad, collecting a number of ribbons, which will clearly tell the life the person has lived so far in the game. 

This article is based on the latest updates Bitlife Ribbon Update the developer has added to the game. It clearly specifies the coming of new Ribbons that will fascinate you. Remember, getting the Bitlife Ribbon of your choice is going to be as easy as pie. You have to show a lot of perseverance.

There will be times when you have to quit and rejoin the game multiple times so, in a nutshell, your patience can only take you to the Bitlife Ribbon of your choice.

Are you ready to take this challenge full of bumpy rides?

If yes, then just go through the complete bitlife ribbon update that will explain how you can avail the amazing Ribbons. Also, go through the do’s and don’ts carefully, commit a mistake, you will lose the Ribbon you want. So here we go!

Introduction to All-New Bitlife Ribbons

The company had a really hard time working and adding improved features for you all! Recently, the Bitlife God Mode Update version 1.34 was launched recently, where you can edit the bank balance as per your need thus, you become the master of your own will. 

Bitlife Ribbon Update

This amazing update has not come alone, it has come with not one but ten new ribbons with bitlife ribbon update to top up your entertainment with some thrilling doses of adventure. You might think of owning all bitlife thirty ribbons.

Although some of the ribbons are undemanding to achieve, like the Mediocre and the Stupid Ribbon – while some are not at all easy to get. I think that is only the beauty of the game, this hunger to get all the ribbons, even the harder ones is what is going to keep the fire of grabbing them burning!

List of All bitlife Ribbons Included In BitLife New Update

Here is the list of all the latest ribbons with full Bitlife Ribbon Update added in the new update. Just follow the bitlife ribbon guide and make them yours!

  • Tarzan Ribbon 
  •  Gold Digger Ribbon
  •  Monopoly Ribbon
  • Movie Buff Ribbon 
  •  Generous Ribbon 
  • Barbie Girl Ribbon
  • Veteran Ribbon
  • Influencer Ribbon 
  • Bandit Ribbon 
  • Big Boss Ribbon 

How to Get Tarzan Ribbon in BitLife Ribbon update ?

The name might be familiar to you, isn’t it? I think you know what I mean to say. If you have watched Tiger King then it becomes even easier to understand. You have to play Joe’s exotic character in context to his animals. For this Tarzon Ribbon in Bitlife, you have to be an animal lover. 

Just try to get as many exotic pets as you can. Also, don’t just restrict yourself to only one kind of pet. Try to explore as much as you can. Sounds easy, although not so.

You should be able to convince your parents to buy your pets, say, a few snakes from the pet shop by the time you turn 18. Once you reach 18, you can try your hands on unusual pets as well.

As already mentioned there will be times when you have to quit and restart the app, you need to have a lot of patience. You can even quit the app if you don’t like the pet you are offered.

Well, snakes and birds are the most recommended pets, but you can even try your hands-on coyote, dingo, fox, wolf to name a few. One more thing to keep in mind before you try to buy any of the pets is that you should be capable enough to feed the pets.

Make sure that your pets don’t die of starvation. For this, you must have a decent job that gives you enough money to sustain your pet’s life. 

How to Get a Gold Digger Ribbon in BitLife Ribbon Update ?

The name might have given you some hints. If you are smart enough you already know what I mean. This Ribbon is for someone who is ready to take up a challenge that is not at all going to be easy, one mistake and you are out.

No doubt this is a challenging Ribbon to collect. Let me give you a clearer idea of this. Whether male or female you have to marry someone richer than you in terms of worth. When someone richer than the previous comes along, divorce them.

In a nutshell, your cycle should be Marry, Divorce and Repeat, until you make a handsome amount of around $1 Million through divorce settlements. Also, don’t just go by increasing your worth outside those settlements or you will end up getting another Ribbon.

To sum up, make sure that you don’t get a job and if you have God Mode Activated, edit your parent’s money or Generosity stats to make sure that you inherit much when they die. One more thing, you can also use God Mode to be craftier with your spouse’s bank balance, keep it low at the time of marriage and increase it once you are ready to dump it.

How to Get Monopoly Ribbon in  BitLife Ribbon Update ?

Coming to this Bitlife Ribbon Update – Ribbon, this will require clever moves. In short, it’s all about fixing and flipping. For Ribbon, a high-paying job is not a necessity, a job that pays decently works well. From our side, we recommend you to buy a few houses, renovate them and then sell them at a profit!

You can purchase a house that is not in the best of its condition- may be the one with the red or orange status bar. Live in it for a while and then renovate it and sell it. You can even go to a haunted house, and exorcise the spirits in the house. This process will test your patience and you have to be cool while aiming for this Ribbon. 

There will be changes when you have to decrease the selling price when no one seems interested. Just keep the process on repeat till you earn a maximum of $1 Million. 

How to Get Movie Buff Ribbon in BitLife Ribbon Update ?

Apparently, achieving this Ribbon is not an arduous job! You just need to watch a minimum of one movie per year and every year until you die. Well, there are plenty of Ribbons that you may earn even if you do nothing and live a  simple Bitizen Life, but just make sure to watch a movie you like.

For movie buffs, it is the best chance to grab this Ribbon with a full Bitlife Ribbon Update. There are certain things that you should keep in mind while you are aiming for Movie Buff Ribbon, and live a normal middle-class life.

Aim for a job that has a lower to middle range income scale. Just make sure to step out carefully as to make sure you don’t land in any other Ribbon.

Don’t ever try to get promotion to higher positions say-Superintendent, Fire Chief etc. 

You can devise ways just to avoid performing well so as to prevent any sort of promotions. Try to keep your life as mediocre as possible. Though this may sound a bit monotonous you will eventually get used to it.

How to Get Generous Ribbon in BitLife Ribbon Update?

Bitlife Ribbon Update

Hope you got some ideas from the name. Well, you got that right. For this Ribbon, you have to be as generous as you can. If you are aiming for this Ribbon then a high paying job shouldn’t be your priority. You can give away a good number of gifts, say expensive cars and houses, to your near and dear ones. 

Beware! Earning too much money at the time of the death of your character may result in Rich Ribbon. Your main goal should be to be the best philanthropist for your loved ones. One more thing that can help you is that you can have many children as this will give you better opportunities to give away your fortune. 

You can also gift expensive goodies to those who are not related to you by blood but then do it at your own risk as this might result in a hot debate with your family members. 

How to Get Barbie Girl Ribbon in BitLife Ribbon Update ?

BITLIFE RIBBON Update – To all the Female Bitizens and Barbie lovers here is a great opportunity for all of you. This might be your favorite Ribbon to achieve. All you need to keep in mind is to give your physique and beauty as much attention as you can.

This female exclusive Ribbon has created a fizz since its launch after the Cat Lady Ribbon. 

You are just required to undergo as many plastic surgeries as you can! Although the minimum number of plastic surgeries that are required to grab this ribbon is unknown, we would suggest going for all of them just to be on the safer side.

The surgeries may include- Botox, Brazilian Butt Lifts, nose jobs and a lot more. You also need to die female just to make sure this Ribbon is yours. 

You must avoid any kind of temptations for professions like singing and acting because of your new improved looks. This might land you in the world of entertainment leaving your real aim of getting this Ribbon.

You can have a small family like the Family Guy Ribbon is anyway not going to threaten you because it is meant only for males. So just keep your profile as low as possible and have a decent paying career. 

How to Get Veteran Ribbon in BitLife Ribbon Update?

This Ribbon is for honourable military men. Veteran Ribbon is meant for those who served a decent career in the military. All you need to do is finish your college and start your career as an officer in order to fulfill the eligibility criteria.   

Bitligr Ribbon Update

You need to perform your best and achieve as many promotions as you can to be the highest-ranking officer.

As per our research, you are required to qualify for at least three successful missions. This is largely dependent on your luck as some of the military careers have just two missions, in that case, you need to quit and start all over again. 

Also, make sure to keep your performance bar almost full as this will give you more advantage. For this Ribbon, I would suggest you remain a bachelor throughout so as to prevent family guy Ribbon.

How to Get Influencer Ribbon in BitLife Ribbon Update?

For all the social media buffs, this might interest you. Your journey to this Ribbon will not be difficult. You are required to be a social butterfly without getting famous or else you will end up getting Famous Ribbon in Bitlife Ribbon Update . You need to be the famous Bitizen in order to seize the Influencer Ribbon.

We would recommend posting a minimum of 100 updates throughout your lifetime and that will work well. You don’t have to meet the chores that actual influencers do on social media just post updates frequently and you are done!

How to Get a Big Boss Ribbon in BitLife Ribbon Update?

Okay, so this took a bit more effort than the others but at last, we made it. You are required to be the CEO of your company and stockpile $20 Million.

Bitlife Ribbon Update

You have to be a second-generation Bitizen who has inherited a handsome amount of money from his parents.

In short, you have to play smart to lock this Ribbon for yourself. Once you have made your first $20 million, have your first child and get high on drugs or a witch may help you to kill your first-generation character and be the second generation heir to inherit the large amount from his parents before your child enters college. 

Then strive for a CEO career and once you become the CEO you may retire as per your whims and the big boss Ribbon is yours.

New Feature with BitLife Version 1.34

Well, who said that was it? Aside from the amazon 10 Ribbons, Candywriters have included astounding features that will take your gaming experience to the next level.

One noteworthy addition is the inclusion of Challenge Back Catalog, which will further include the Alphabet Challenge, Ghostbusters Challenge, and Shamrock Challenge, in which players are allowed to redo challenges that had previously wrapped up. 

I have other very interesting news for new Bitizens who missed out when the first challenges were introduced to the game or anyone who may not have been able to complete them before they expired. All the challenges are presumed so the game goes on!

BitLife now comes with 88 new achievements that will really drive you crazy once you get used to this game. Other new additions include cheating parents – well, yes, we are not joking. This was just an overview of the real adventure that is waiting for you all, so what are you waiting for?


So, this was a complete guide for the Bitizens to be the conqueror of their desired Bitlife Ribbons Update. Hope this article has helped you with the do’s and don’ts so with this Bitlife Ribbon Update you can easily add a Ribbon of your choice to your collection. Happy Gaming!