Bitlife Politics Update:- Get The WIN-WIN Detailed Bitlife Politics Update Guide and Grow Your Bitlife Political Career with Bitlife Political Campaigns

You might know that Bitlife Life Simulator is a text-based video game. It was developed by Candywriters LLC. This game is one of the most dominating games on the Apple Store App and is high in demand.

The game has been running strong since its launch in 2018. This game takes you into a different virtual world where life is so easy and of course not monotonous as real life is.

You have to live a life that is filled with humor doses and is depicted with cartoons kamagra kaufen schweiz. Ever imagine a life that is free from struggles and difficulties? Chill you will find it here. A completely digital life without struggles and difficulties is just a smooth ride.

Hey, Bitizens!  I have a piece of great news for all of you, the biggest update of the year is live. So feeding your curiosity about the latest update is the new patch of Bitlife Politics Update, and the best part is it is available on iOS devices.

So, an adventure ride is waiting for you all. However, for Android users, it can be a bit disheartening as the new Update is not yet launched for them, but you will get the good news soon!

This update is coming with Bitlife Politics Update version 1.35 and the size is approximately 1283.8MB. Want to have a sneak peek of how this game is gonna look like? Just go through this amazing content with your each and every query solved!

How to Win Every Election in New Bitlife Politics Update

Here is a complete bitlife politics update guide for all of you, telling you about the tips and tricks that you can use to win the elections. Be it School Boards Director Elections Or the Elections for the post of President/ Prime Minister this guide will help you on How to play safe and be the conqueror

Make Your Character Neat and Clean 

First and foremost point to ponder upon is that politics is a dirty game and you have to be the most alert person on the planet in order to be the winner.

You will find people insulting you in rallies or throwing false allegations at your face, but you have to ignore them and be the most innocent person like a child.

Refrain from any sort of drug abuse. Just try to control your temptation and build the cleanest character that no one could ever doubt on

Gain Knowledge From Bitlife Politics School To College

Well, Smarts is one of the plus points that you must hold for any bitlife political position. One must have decent smarts in order to stand in the election.

Bitlife Politics Update

Remember if your intelligence rating is poor your political career is already at a halt. Thus, you should imbibe immense knowledge by reading a variety of books going to the library, and joining clubs in bitlife school

It is not only the knowledge that will open your doors of victory, but you also need to avoid getting into trouble in school or bullying others. The reason for avoiding just activities is not only they will negatively affect your grades but your opponent may get a lead on you if they come to know about your past

Make Powerful Bitlife Political Election Campaign 

Well, when you think of standing in any type of election campaigning is something that you can never rule out. Politics is a dog-eat-dog world and your opponents will not miss even a single chance you outshine you.

They will try to dig out every possible mistake you have ever committed in your life. 

Campaigning is one of the stepping stones for you to win. The more you spend in an election campaign the more approvals you get in the bitlife politics update.

The cost of campaigning varies from post to post. For School Board Director election, you should have a budget of around $10000 to $20000.Once, you have the budget set you need to choose the main focus of your administration-Economy, education, environment, or social issues with this bitlife politics update. 

If you are running for Mayor or Governor then your budget will vary from $50000-$80000 and $20 million or more respectively. The most important thing is that the campaign amount is non-refundable.

That means you have to play this gamble at your own risk. 

Donโ€™t Act Smart Go in Flow with Btilife Political Career 

Remember confidence is good but overconfidence is bad. If you want to run for a higher post donโ€™t just directly jump on it.

Bitlife Politics Update

Prepare a strategy start from a School Boards Director, then go for the post of mayor you may also resign before the term ends and then go for the post of President or Prime Minister as per your country. 

Achieve  All Your Dreams By Becoming Bitlife President

Running for president will come with big Budgets and big responsibilities. To be a candidate for the post of President you should meet the minimum age limit that is 35 years.

You must have finished your graduate school and must have a minimum of $5 million in your war chest.

The high post comes with high responsibilities. You need to plan your speeches as per your partyโ€™s agenda. Need to look into the social issues, tackle opponents, pass or veto laws and a lot more in the bitlife politics update.

Guilty Misdeed In Bitlife Politics Update

The most offensive crime till date is accepting the bribe also, the money earned through Books, Commercials, and Photoshoots. It is advisable you must go impeached if you donโ€™t want to be thrown out of power.

The best tip that you can follow is that accept a bribe at your own risk, and do the misdeed when you are not at the office. 

Make Millions of Dollars By Becoming the Leader of Your Country

The best way to fill your war chest is by becoming the leader of the country in bitlife politics update. Just make sure that you have an active social media account and have a minimum of a  million followers is highly recommended.

 You can then easily earn money per commercial that may vary up to $2 million to $20 million. After making a decent amount of money just quit the game, restart fresh and give a top-up to your bank balance.