Bitlife New UPDATE:- Or Bitlife Version 1.27, You Better Know This as Bitlife New Surprise and Unexpected Update on 1st Week of December

I know that you guys will be surprised after the Bitlife New UPdate, just like me. So the new update of BitLife has been given to it by Candy Writer BitLife Version 1. 27.

The developers of Candy Writer have made some new changes this time as before, which are very new for all of us. And there are some that you are going to like very much and today we will talk about all these updates and will tell you what you can do inside BitLife after this update comes.

So it is usually like that whenever there is a new desolation of bitlife, Then the first thing in which you will see a change is the Bitlife Logo. I do not understand the changes that have been made in the logo, why have you put such a logo this time?

And the new thing that has surprised everyone in this Bitlife New UPdate most is that you can now play many player games on the same device at different times without ending the life of another player or causing damage.

Further, we will know what changes have been made in the surprise update of BitLife. And we will study them in detail. So that you can know what are the new things that you can do inside BitLife now.

This time there has not been anything like this in the update of BitLife, in the previous updates, some new space was added to the bitlife and then some changes related to it were also made and fixed minor bugs.

Live Multiple BitLive in Bitlife New UPDate

After all, BitLife has come with this update, which is perfect for those who have a single Android or iOS device but a lot of people to play bitlife.

So what can you do now that if you are ever playing bitlife and you have to go out for some work and at the same time someone else starts a new game on that device,

  • Then your Bitlife will be saved automatically and That person’s game will start in a completely new way?
  • So to live two or more bitlives on the same device, you have to take care of some things.
  • Whenever you start a new life, keep in mind that your old life is at least for one year,
  • And you can start a new life by going to the menu.
  • Before starting a new life, you must check once that your old life is saved in BitLife or not.

Consult with Reputed Doctors of Bitlife New Update

Candy Writer has always been trying to make to Bitlife Game just like real life, keeping this in mind.

This time, he has added a repetition bar for Doctors so that now you can see their repetition bar before consulting any doctor and find out if this doctor is right for you.

Further, it may also happen that some things are added to fill the Doctors Repetition Bar. But we can’t say anything right now

Initiation of Your Children in Bitlife New Update

It is a little weird but when it can happen in real life, then why not in the game. So if you have an accident and your skin gets worse, then with the help of doctors you can transplant your Baby’s Skin.

But you should try that it never happens where you have to see your child in trouble even if you don’t want to

Plan Cremation Ceremony For Loved Once

The new things that have been added in this new Bitlife New Update are just like real life,

As if now if any of your family members pass away, then how do you plan to do the funeral ceremony, And if you want, you can get this work done by anyone else.

It depends on you what you want to do with their dead bodies and if you ever get the death of a family member who lives abroad, then you can go abroad and do the funeral.

Thunderstorm Effect – Bitlife New Update

Yes, now it can also happen that you are roaming somewhere and suddenly lightning falls on you.

But it has been revealed from the official Twitter account of BitLife that at times it can be good for your stats, sometimes it can be bad.

By bad and good, I mean that maybe your stats get boosted once the lightning strikes or it can happen or it can fall on its own.

Adopt a Child – Bitlife New Update

Although this feature was already there, but in the new update of BitLife, a few changes have also been made with it, As you can now see what is not liked by a child before adopting it, and if you have an accident with a family member, then you can adopt their children too.

Stay with Your Family and Friends – Bitlife New Update

This is the most fun thing of all the updates that everyone would like to do.

And that is to stay with your friends or relatives and spend time with them. So this feature has also been added in the update, where you can also visit your friend or relative’s house. 

Choose Your Partner Wisely

Hmm! So the next feature which Couples will not like at all. Because now your partner needs to get the permission of your parents to come into a relationship with you and if your parents reject your partner then you will have to leave it.

Lose Your Virginity

If you are still a virgin then you may meet someone from a random party or event and you will find someone with whom you will lose your Virginity.

Looting Your Family Member

Now it can happen to you that if you put something out there, then maybe someone from your family members steals it,

Heart Attacks

This is the last thing you will see after this update arrives. Where if you get stuck in such a dangerous place, you may have a Heart Attack and you may even die.


These are all changes that you will get to see with this new update of BitLife. Looked at completely,

The features that have been added to this update are good and I hope that you all will also like this post. So if you like this post, then you can also share it with your social media friends and also you can follow our Facebook Page and YouTube channel.

All of You for Giving Your Precious Time

Blessed Suit