Released in September 2018 by Candywriter LLC, Bitlife is a text-based, life simulator video game. The video game publisher keeps releasing major updates of Bitlife every two weeks to a month. 

Recently, one of the most demanding Bitlife V 1.32.1 Updates has been released, this update is also known as Bitlife Luxury Update

However, the latest update is released for iOS users only on March 8. Android Bitlife users will have to like always wait for Bitlife Luxury Update.

In this latest update, users, better known as Bitizens can now flex their cash by spending it to buy various aircraft like airplanes, helicopters. The users also get the option to own watercraft like a yacht or any kind of boat one can imagine.

Other than owning these luxuries, after the Bitlife Luxury update or Bitlife V 1.32.1, Bitizens can live the high life by buying expensive Bitlife jewelry and other goodies, After the current Bitlife Luxury update, users will also notice a change in the Bitlife Logo.

The new logo has the same color background, however, a diamond/prism is integrated into the logo with a rainbow passing through in the background, As far as the Inside Game Interface is concerned, there are no major or otherwise changes in the current Bitlife V 1.32.1 Update.

In the earlier versions of the virtual game BitLife, the Assets menu was the one-stop-shop for all types of shopping, be it be car or house, However, this section was only of use for the 18+ Bitizens who wanted to buy houses and any Bitizen who had driving license could buy cars

Bitlife Luxury Update Shopping Center Menu

Now after the new Bitlife Luxury Update, Bitizens will no longer be able to access the above mentioned from the Bitlife Assets Menu, rather they have to head over to activities menu. Under that, the users will find a new sub-section named ‘shopping’. The sub-section features Real Estate Agents and car dealers.

Right in between the sub-options of house and car, you will find the option to shop for your girlfriend or to be precise, the second option is for jewelry. From there you can buy articles of jewelry like engagement rings, earrings, pendants and what not.

The best thing about the Bitlife Luxury update is the fact that now the rich folks can make all their dreams come true (at least in the virtual world) by owning the airplane. 

In the Bitlife V 1.32.1, the Bitizens gets to choose from a wide range of aircraft- from fighter planes to jumbo jets.

Here is the list of all the Airplanes you could buy if you are loaded enough.

Bitlife Luxury Update

For those of you who want to buy an Airplane in Bitlife, you must note that just like cars, all aircraft have a starting condition depending on the level of their usage. 

You will find the following three different conditions:

  • Green- It means the aircraft is brand new and in good working condition.
  • Orange- The color depicts that the aircraft has some minor issues.
  • Red- It means the aircraft is in poor working condition.

The next thing you must note if you are willing to buy an airplane in Bitlife Luxury Update is that you will find two types of dealers for Bitlife airplane viz-

  • Conventional Dealer- This one deal in conventional aircraft like passenger airplanes, etc.
  • Specialty Dealer- This dealer deal in special aircraft like fighter planes, etc.

The BitLife: Life Simulator is many things and being realistic is one of the things. So to get a BitLife Airplane, you first have to go through proper training and earn the pilot license. 

Before buying a Bitlife Airplane, you first have to head over to the Activities section, find the new licensing sub-section, and complete 40 hours of flight school.

Bitlife Ownership of Watercraft’s

Bitlife V 1.32.1 update is truly a luxury update. After this update, you can buy any watercraft you can dream of. There is only one watercraft dealer, you can find the same in shopping sub-menu.

These merchands deals in a wide variety of equipment ranging from tiny rafts, paddle boats to big yachts and tugboats, Here is an exhaustive list of all the watercraft items you will find after Bitlife Luxury Update.

Bitlife Watercraft, Water Yards and Fun Water Activities

Bitlife Luxury Update

When it comes to applying for a boating license, you will be delighted to know that obtaining one isn’t as hard as getting a pilot license, In fact if you buy bitlife cheaper boats or jet skis, you won’t’ need a license at all. You can just buy one under the Bitlife Assets menu

However, if you are planning to go for bigger and more expensive watercraft like a yacht or tugboat, then obtaining it is comparatively easier than a Pilot License in the new bitlife luxury update .

Bitlife Vehicle Maintenance

In the earlier version, the vehicles would at most last for 70 years, however, after Bitlife Luxury update, you can keep your vehicles for more than 2 generations provided you don’t miss any yearly maintenance.

Bitlife Luxury Update

Bitlife Vehicle Maintenance does not improve the condition of your vehicle, it just maintains the current level of condition, The more vehicles you have, the more you have to pay if you want to avoid it from breaking down completely within 25 years.

If you miss yearly Bitlife Vehicle Maintenance, the health/condition of your vehicle will decline slightly, The cost of maintaining higher ends vehicle is much more than maintaining inexpensive vehicles.

Propose Your Girlfriend with Bitlife Jewelries

Dating and Getting Hitched in Bitlife used to be very easier, just spend some time with your significant other, don’t cheat on them, same for insults, and maybe shower them with the compliments.

Bitlife Luxury Update

However, now not only you have to choose the perfect ring to Propose Your Partner, but you have to also choose just the right venue for the occasion if you want to hear a yes.

You get the two jeweler options- one being the legit one and the other not so legit. Of course, you will find real and much more expensive rings and other articles of jewelry in the legit jeweler’s store.

But if you choose to opt for the shady jeweler’s store for your shopping spree, make sure you are ready to get rejected on that Bitlife Marriage Proposal, The cost of the ring influences the chance of getting a ‘yes’ on your marriage proposal.

Other than an engagement ring, you can shop for Pendants and Earrings, however, they will do nothing more than increase your net worth.

Get Funky with Bitlife New Looks

In the Bitlife New Update 2021, Bitizens can now try New Looks all of them which are free. 

Bitlife New Looks

Now you can customize your appearance which includes facial hair, hairstyle, and hair color. Currently, the option to change your facial hair color is not available. You can get your first haircut by the age of 12, get a cool hair color by 18 and male Bitizens can grow or get a shave after 21.

However, any change in appearance won’t have any effect on your looks. You can find these styling options under the Spa and Salon sub-menu of the Activity section. You must note that if you are a Criminal Bitizen,

change in any aspect of your appearance would significantly reduce the chances of you getting caught even if you keep committing the crimes.

Aside from all the interesting features of the latest BitLife Luxury Update, there were plenty of small changes too.As per the latest Bitlife V 1.32.1 Update, children whose parents have died can now hold on to their assets if the parents have a pre-defined will before they die.

The children will get access to these assets once they turn 18.

Bitlife Bug Fixes and Other Changes

The previous bug of not being able to choose the name of your children is fixed in BitLife Luxury Update. 

As per the changelogs by Candywriter, a few new coronavirus scenarios have been added, one of them is that you can get infected by coronavirus if you drink the Corona beer, however, this is totally fake and just for fun.

As for our criminal Bitizens, you must now be aware of the new friend of the ‘blind man’ who can now call cops on you. The same goes for the ‘deaf man’ who can rat you out if you try to steal their vehicles or mug them.