Bitlife God Mode:- 100% Working Trick to Unlock The Bitlife God Mode For Free and Enjoy The God Features Like Edit Appearance, Boosting Your Family Much More

The Bitlife God Mode Update has just got updated to make it the most exhilarating one for the users. Users can play the role of The Bitlife God and obviously edit anyone in the game while playing as you wish.

Surely The Bitlife God mode update will request some money to be unlocked, but for the instance,It is entirely free to be tried out! Enter the game without giving a second thought and cherish the moments kamagra kaufen schweiz.

During the game you can adopt the child you like because the adoption settings has been changed. There are now optometrists and Bitlife Eye Tests are also conducted. The vision impairment makes it mandatory for the characters to opt for eyeglasses.

Private Planes have been introduced so that you can fly on your own plane during vacation. There are lot more exciting features to pop up in the future. Take a gist of the entire before getting in.

We’ll have a tiny glimpse through the updates that has been made in the Bitlife APK God Mode,

  • Firstly, it’s the most eye-catching God mode which makes you edit every single thing that you wish for. Your custom appearance and your very own stats can be set up by you.
  • Bitlife Eye Tests are conducted to prescribe eyeglasses to the characters and they can get either glasses or contacts from the optometrists.
  • The vision impairment issue of the people has now been resolved with the help of sunglasses.
  • You can adopt your own child and it includes foreign children also. Adoption has been updated at its best.
  • Private planes can now be owned to fly during vacations.
  • The game is loaded with more of exciting and fabulous challenges which keeps you entertained and engaged for weeks yet to come.
  • Green marks are used to indicate the requirements that you have completed in the challenges.
  • The bugs and miscellaneous problems have been fixed.

These updates are just jaw-dropping isn’t? Let’s get to know more about the Bitlife God Mode,

Things to be and can’t be done with the Bitlife God Mode character

Bitlife God Mode

This update ensures that the players can edit or change anything that they literally wish for That includes any information or stats and appearances.

There are certain limitations yet it is an awesome update. Before going in, it’s actually a paid mode in the game where you have to pay $3 in order to activate the mode. After activating, you can have unstoppable power for the next 14 days.

The candy-writer explains that this a limited-time bonus just to help players come across the boredom of social distancing due to the coronavirus.

While the character is being created by the New Life option, basic information can also be customized accordingly. The entire fun lies when you set your appearance and attributes. You can customize the appearance of the character including facial hair and hairdo.

There is a restriction that all these can be applied to the character aged 21 to 44 only and you can customize the rest. Still, it remains the best.

Selecting your attributes is quite cool, you can even change the hidden stats. Athleticism, Karma, Fertility, sexuality, Willpower and Discipline customization is now available apart from Looks, Health and Happiness.

Be sure of your stats before jumping into customization of the characters. Salon features can be availed as the character ages.

Right away from the New Life screen nothing can be customized and to decide what has to done. When the character life is started you can jump into customizing people involved in your life, beginning with your parents.

The details that the standard players view in their parent’s profile remains the same and the information remains unchanged for the God mode players also. There is no way of possibility to patch up if you get away from your parent.

Religiousness, Generosity and money can be edited if necessary. Things that can’t be changed is that you can make them younger or older and you can’t change the current marital status or their job, Candy-writer makes it all perfect when it is the editing options!

Recreating Your Bitlife Classmates and Office Workers

Bitlife God Mode

Being the God, you can edit stuffs wherever you go, you have the ability to change or customize according to your needs. You can customize things when you go to school and eventually when you go for work you can do it there.

When the Bitlfe School menu appears, you can instantly go to the edit option and right way edit all the people on the campus let it be the students, teachers or the principal.

If you want to travel back to your school days you can do that by recreating the entire thing.

You can edit a student or a teacher based on the current age only, you can make a student wear glasses if the student is not old enough to visit an optometrist.

A relationship can’t be changed with them as well as faculties but strictness, popularity, and obviously the looks can be edited. Hidden stats like happiness, health, and will power can be edited.

In workplace, you can freely edit the entire appearance of your boss as you wish and again you can’t edit the relationship. Looks, health and will power can be edited for co-workers and supervisors also. The limitations we saw earlier goes the same here too.

Get Cool Glasses with Bitlife Eye Test

Bitlife God Mode

Earlier of the game had the characters avail perfect vision which is not possible in the real world.

To bring in more precision Optometrists feature has been enabled to bring in more emphasis to the game customizing the world around you. During childhood or teenage, you can’t go to the optometrist on your own.

Only when a message pops saying that you’ve a bad eye-sight you’re allowed to visit the optometrist with one of the parents guiding you.

During the eye test a series of letters are displayed and you are supposed to find the odd one within 5 seconds. If you fail to do so, you are instructed to wear glasses which you can choose on your own.

If you don’t feel okay with wearing glasses you can also go for the contact lens.

When you reach adult-hood you can simply visit the optometrist to get you glasses to look cool even if your eye-sight is good. And you can choose the one you wish for.

This game plays as a recreation of our real time lifestyle, you can’t change certain things in your life but you can do them here for sure. If you miss your school life or work life you can bring back colors to them by recreating memories.

Bitlife God Mode is all fun and such an exhilarating game that makes the players engaged and live a life as they wish with all possible customizations they can do.

Never hesitate to start with things that bring you abundance of joy and happiness, if you are already a user try the new update and even if you’re not an existing user you can still start it right away without having a second thought. Have a happy time recreating and rejoicing with your customizations and memories.