Bitlife Friends UPDATE:- Bitlife Version 1.28.1 Comes Up with Features Like Surprise Holiday, Become Enemy of Your Friends ETC. Bitlife New Update for iOS Users.

Candy Writer has given all it’s Android and Apple users a gift to all the Bitlife users on the auspicious occasion of Christmas, which is BitLife 1.28.1 for Apple users and Bitlife Version 1.18 for Android users.

As you all know, every new iOS feature is added with some new feature and based on that, the name of the update is named as this time, BitLife Version 1.28.1 is named BitLife Friends update.

And on the other hand, in the name of the new update of BitLife 1.18 on December 19, 2019, Android users have added only those features which were given to the Apple user long ago. 

There are such features as BitLife Arrange Marriage, BitLife Generation Update and more that have been given to Apple users of BitLife on 19 October 2019 which are wrong in Android Users Point of View.

However, a lot of new features have been added to the BitLife Friends update, which has enabled BitLife Developers to add some situations to the BitLife Friends update that makes BitLife even more real.

So today we will try our best to tell you that the new features added to the BitLife Friends update can explain all the details to you all at once, and together we will learn about BitLife Android version 1.18.

The major changes or new features that have been added to the BitLife Friends update are that you can now become a BitLife Life Simulator Friends feature and become your enemies. We have given complete information about many more new features added,

we hope that your people will like it here.

Become Friends with Classmates & Office Colleagues.

We first know about the feature that has been greatly highlighted in this update of BitLife, which is BitLife Friendship and BitLife Friends Update.

Bitlife New Udpate, Biltife Friends UPDate

And as the name itself suggests, now you can have a friendship with your Bitlife School Friend and you can also make one of them your best friend.

If you work in the office, then you can make a friend from your office or best friend.

And you don’t have to do much to make someone a friend, maybe you come in front of you and ask you to become your friend. And if it does not, now you too can do all this for which you just have to follow the instructions given below.

To become BitLife Friends, you just have to open the profile of whoever you want to make friends, then click on the Become Friend option.

And depending on them that he wants to be your friend or not, if he does not want to be your friend, he can also reject your request or maybe you can become the best friend ahead.

Friends or Enemies Bitlife Friends UPDATE

Candy Writer has added a new feature to its BitLife Friends update to make BitLife like real life, where you can now befriend your BitLife school teachers and classmates and make them your best friend.

Bitlife Firends Udpate

And if you work in Bitlife office, then you can make someone your friend as well as make it your enemy.

Suppose sometimes it happens that you have a fight with your friend over something, then it may be, that friend stops talking to you and becomes your enemy.

If you want to make any of your friends your enemies, then you can spread false rumors about them by not doing much, so that you and your friend fight and you will become enemies of each other.

So you have to try that you do not fight with any of your friends nor spread any illusion about them so that you lose that friend.

New Countries in Bitlife Friends Update.

So finally BitLife has added more countries, which many people were waiting for and a list of new countries added to BitLife has been given below.

  • Austria
  • Bahamas
  • DR Congo
  • Costa Rica
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kenya
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon
  • Mongolia
  • Nepal
  • Ukraine
  • Vietnam

Holiday surprises with Bitlife Friend Update.

In the BitLife Friends update, you will also get to see features like Holiday Surprise. With the help of which you can make a surprise holiday plan with your friends and you can also take family members anywhere.

New Childhood Scenarios

By the new childhood scenarios, I mean that now you have to see some other new things and situations in your childhood. And there will be many new things with you in your childhood. 

New Mini Games For Prisoners.

If you have committed a crime due to which you have to go to jail, then it is not a matter of tension because you can easily spend your time playing Bitlife mini-games, which added to this New Bitlife Update.

Become Bitlife Hero By Saving multiple Lives.

As you people would know, earlier you could have saved only one life in one life before so that you get the BitLife Hero Ribbon, but in this new update of BitLife, you will have much life in the same life.


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