BitLife wishes all its iOS Users a Very Happy New Year with a Brand New UPdate of Bitlife. Which is Bitlife Criminal UPDate or Bitlife V1.29.  kamagra kaufen Schweiz

BitLife Criminal Update has added many new features that BitLife developers always do to make BitLife more real-life and to create a completely different and new experience through its users’ BitLife Life Simulator.

So if we now talk about this new update of BitLife Criminal Update. After this BitLife update, iOS users have to get BitLife Juvenile Detention, BitLife Bank Robbery. As new features will be seen.

So as you all will know that with every new update of BitLife Candy Writer makes changes in its people and entrance and keeping the same tradition, this time again the changes in BitLife’s logo and interface have been done.

It looks better to look at and also gets the name of the update, which is that you will get to see the criminal in the bitlife criminal update and logo too.

And if you talk about the game, then you have not made any changes in the interface of the inner game, but even if your game crashes, sometimes you have to take help of others to play the game, then you help button Can be used which has been added this time only.

Let us know in more detail about BitLife Criminal Updates while not taking too long

Juvenile Custody in Bitlife Criminal UPDate

Bitlife Criminal UPDate

So if you are naughty since childhood and you do naughty even in bitlife school or fight with someone, then you may have to go to juvenile court and you can be sent to child improvement home too.

So, if you are naughty, now keep in mind that before you do anything with BitLife School or your school friends, you must think twice or else you may have to go to Juvenile Detention,

Accept Misdemeanor in Bitlife Criminal UPDate.

I think you must have understood what I am talking about, and if you do not understand then there is no problem, I tell you that Accept Misdemeanor or Delinquency means that when A person of any working-age confesses his crime and goes to jail.

And you can accept any of your crimes, whether you have fought with someone or have tried to kill someone. You are a Saketh by accepting any of your crimes, you can kid yourself by going to jail for a long time.

Bitlife Bank Robbery 

For those who want to get rich without doing any job in BitLife, BitLife has added a very fun feature that can help you steal in the bank and become rich, all you need is something to steal. To steal someone in the BitLife bank, you can not identify him, a costume and a vehicle bus to run away after stealing

Shoplifting Bitlife Criminal UPDate

The simplest meaning of shoplifting is that if you cannot buy something from the shop, no matter what the reason may be that you do not have money or anything, then in this situation you can also steal something from the shop and that Can get things.

Porch Piracy Bitlife Criminal UPdate

Bitlife Criminal UPDate,

Porch Piracyin Bitlife This name is a bit more confusing, but if you understand it then it means that when you go to someone’s porch and steal their parcels which are left for someone else.

As you know, today’s delivery men will drop the parcel anywhere today. Due to which parcels are stolen many times and whose belongings are unable to be found.

Childhood Boost

So as you would know, you were able to increase your stats in BitLife only after being an adult, like looks, happiness, health, and intelligence. But with the new update of BitLife, you can increase these figures in childhood or give a boost. By taking advantage of this new feature, you can make yourself smart health and good looking.

Help Center

After all, the best features that BitLife has added are BitLife which is a center where you can ask any question related to BitLife directly from the official developers of BitLife.And you must be thinking that what is so special in this feature,

Then let me tell you, you will not have to run much for the information related to bitlife, rather you can take help with playing the game directly.


So just to see all these new features that have been added to the BitLife Criminal Update and yes I am also going to write a new guide which is the BitLife Train Robbery Guide, and I hope you guys liked our post. You can come and if you want, you can share this post with your bitlife friends and you can also subscribe to our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Thank You!