Bitlife Beta Android:- Download Bitlife Android Version 2.4.1 to Get iOS Feature Like Bitlife School Update and Bitlife Halloween Update

How to Get Bitlife Beta Android: Bitlife Beta Android has now arrived for the Android User and Do you know that Bitlife is the most popular game in the U.S.A. According to a recent survey, Bitlife has more than 10 million iOS and 300,000 Android users all over the world.

Now you must also feel strange why so many users of iOS andso few users of Android?

And this is happening because Bitlife’s developer team is only updating the game to its iOS user on time. On the other hand, CandyWriter is giving game updates to its Android users once in 6 months.

Due to which Android users of Bitlife Life Simulator are decreasing day by day. After that CandyWriter wished to launch Bitlife Beta Android on the official Twitter account of Bitlife.

In which Candywriter has told that the new android version of Bitlife will be launched soon. Bitlife Beta Android is currently only offered to game testers and developers who are registered members of the Bitlife tester group.

And They also told that after this update, They willcontinue to give updates for iOS as well as Android at the same time.

So the thing to be seen now is what do they add to this new update.

Bitlife LeaderBoard in Beta Android

So once again, Bitlife has disappointed android users by not giving them Bitlife LeaderBoard advanced features.

And if it comes to the iOS user, then in the recently updated, another Bitlife LeaderBoard advanced feature has been given, Where you can go and see the earnings of the top players of bitlife, relationship lovers, children and more.

Bitlife Beta Android Interface

CandyWriter changed only the logo in the name of the change in their interface, apart from this, they did not make any changes of any kind.

The first change that CandyWriter made to Bitlife Beta Android is the logo of Bitlife Life Simulator.

The logo of the Bitlife Life Simulator has now been changed to the same as Bitlife Life Simulator iOS Version.

Bitlife Beta Android New Life.

A new life in Bitlife Beta Android Version is very easy, you just have to click on the New Life button and your new Bitlife life will start.

And as you press the Age + button you will start facing challenges and you have to overcome all the challenges with your mind and become a good Blitzen.

You will not get to see anything new in it. This is exactly like the old version in which the developer did not make any changes.

However, you will now see less number of advertising work, which is a good thing for the free user.

Bitlife Beta Android School

As I have already told you that the subtitles of Bitlife Life Simulator iOS always come on their schedule and recently Bitlife released its version 1.23. Launched on October 02, 2019 for iOS users.

Which is the biggest update in the history of Bitlife after the Provision update for iOS users, In which he added many features to the Bitlife school such as ExtraCarricular Activites, School Cliques, Teacher Interiors, and New Relationships.

But if you are an android user, the sad thing for you is that even in the Bitlife Beta Android, the developers have not made any kind of changes in the school. It’s the same as before.

Android users will get only two options in the school which are drop out and study order and if you are thinking that options will be available in university or college, then you are wrong. Even in college and universities only three options which are drop out, jobs, And Seek Higher Education.


I have been playing Bitlife Life Simulator for about 6 months but today I do not understand why they are doing this, CandyWriter and Bitlife developers have only made a joke in the name of the update again, now to see when they bring this new update to the Google Play Store.

It is possible that a lot of android users are happy that updates are coming, but there is no benefit of this update also because they have not made any changes of any kind.

I just now hope that they soon bring the next update of Bitlife with some nice iOS-like changes