Bitlife Arrange Marriage: Stepfamily Update ⚡️ A to Z Steps Powerful Guide:- So as you people will be aware that recently Candy Writer launched a new and unique update of Bitlife Arrange Marriage on iOS platform on 19 October 2019.

In this update, a lot of improvements have been made by the developers and some new features have been added which you people will like very much,

So in today’s post, we will find out why this update is different from the rest of the update, and in this Bitlife Arrange Marriage update, new features have been added from the cone, Which makes it different from all other updates.

The developers of Bitlife always try to add something different and unique to their users every time with an update that makes this life simulator game completely different from all other real-life simulator games. These features of bitlife users are also very attractive.

This time the update of Bitlife will show some things that only happen in real life such as Bitlife Arrange Marriage, stepparents, step-sibling, And the surname of the newborn child, you can scroll down to know more.

Bitlife New UPDATE:- Arrange Marriage, Step-Parents

The first feature we will know about is BItlife Organise Wedding. This has been added in the recent update.

So today we will all know how we can use this feature and what benefits or disadvantages we can face in this Bitlife Game. This is the first time in the history of life simulator games that you have got to see features like arrange marriage in a life simulator game.

But it is not necessary that once you start a new life, you will get the option of Bitlife arrange marriage. Therefore, to get this option, you have to take care of some things, Like you have to be perfect in all the work since childhood,

Whether it is studying or sports and you will also have to stay away from all bad habits like putting money in Alcohol, Smoking, and lottery, By doing all this, you can create a clean and good character by which you can increase the chances of well organize marriage even more.

To Be Good in Studies

  • You can study diligently and you can join a group of Brainy Cliques.
  • Once school is over, you will have to apply for university and while applying at university
  • Choose a subject that you can get The Highest Paying Jobs in Bitlife

Now in Bitlife, you may have to get married according to your parents, which may make some people feel good and some people may feel bad.

Bitlife Arrange Marriage Step Parents, Step Siblings

Bitlife has added features like divorce along with arranged marriage, due to which relationships like Step Siblings have also come in Bitlife.

So now finally we know how this relationship is formed and whether it is good for us or not.

And if your parents get divorced and marry someone else who belongs to another country, then in this condition you can get citizenship of two different countries, along with this you will get a stepmother or father.

When your mother or father will marry someone else after divorce, then your stepmother or father’s children can become your half brothers or sisters in the relationship, Sometimes the step-siblings are very annoying and sometimes good. let’s see which kind of step-siblings you get.

BitLife is a progressive mobile game, so these stepparents might end up being of the same sex as your parents, You might end up with two moms or dads.

ADOPT a Child in Bitlife

How will you feel when you know that you are an adopted child, if you know how to do it here, then I will tell you that Bitlife has added a feature with the Step Family update or through which you can find it.

Your parents have children of their own or not, and much Bitizen love to find that they are adopted, they are children of their parents.

Bitlife Free Healthcare in Bitlife Arrange Marriage

The features that have been added after all of this are Free Healthcare which is my favorite feature added by Bitlife so far, But free healthcare also depends on some things like that free health care will be available only in those countries where free health care is available in the real world.

So before taking any type of medical care, you must check it that free medical care is available in your country, Only then you can avail this facility for free

Bitlife Child Surname Feature

So finally the developers of Bitlife came to know that we need a surname, to overcome this deficiency, Bitlife has added the option of keeping the surname of the child.

With the help of which all of you can keep your child’s surname according to the surname of their mother or father.

Bitlife Arrange Marriage Dating App

The last updates have been made keeping in mind the people who are very much used in real life for young boys and girls.

Bitlife has made a lot of changes in its dating application which according to your nature will find matches for you, Which is good for being a good lover couple, you and your partner are the same.


This time, a lot of big changes have been made in the Bitlife update as you have already read above. But with this, Bitlife has also changed its interface as if you see the logo of bitlife.

you will find it different and it was done not only for iOS but also for Android platforms.

And I hope you enjoy our post. And if you want, you can share it with your friends and family so that they too get to know about the updates and new features of Bitlife.

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