The Bad Santa Challenge Bitlife 🎅:- Enjoy The Detail Bitlife Bad Santa Challenge Guide with Video Tutorial. Bitlife Bad Santa Challenge. Rules and Prize

HO HO HO Merry Christmas Bitizens, I Hope You Guys are Doing Really Good and Safe in Your Houses,

For This Christmas, We Have a Surprise Gift For You Guys Which is Bad Santa Challenge Bitlife For All Bitlilfe Android Users, as Well as iOS Users, Form Bitlife. So Let’s Direct Jump in-to Our New Bitlife Bad Santa Challenge For This Christmas,

We’ll Cover All The Basic and Advance Tip & Trick to Become a Bad Santa in Bitlife with Bad Santa Challenge in Bitlife.

Here’s Some Key Point to Be Keep in Your to Complete Bad Santa in Biltife

  • Choose a Male Character
  • Be Depressed
  • Burgle 10 Homes
  • Shoplift 10 Items
  • Tell a Child That Santa Isn’t Real

Born as a Male Character in Bad Santa Challenge Bitlife

The First KeyPoint is to Complete Bad Santa Challenge in Bitlife is to Bron as a Male Character with an Average Decent Look,

Bad Santa Challenge Bitlife

So If You are Living a Look with Different Gender Then Just Switch Your Gender to a Male, By Simply Giving a New Birth to a Male with Some Short of Ugly Looks or You Can Say Decent Look’s As We Mentioned Earlier.

The Next Thing You Need to Get or Archive is a White Beard, And I Don’t Think It’s Hard to Get White Beard, But As Per My Own Experience You to Complete Your Studies First Then Find a Suitable Job For Your-Self & Then Just Wait For The Retirement Age to Get Those Shinning White Beards.

White Beard is Medotary to Complete Bad Santa Challenge Bitlife.


Sadness Level Should be Low For Bad Santa Challenge Bitlife

Most of The People in Real or Virtual Life Thinks That The Santa is Happiest Soul on The Earth, But The Bad Santa is Just Something Ealse.

Bad Santa Challenge Bitlife

To Become Bad Santa in Bitlife You Have to Keep One Thing in Your Mind is to Keep Your Happiness Bar at Its Lowest Point, It’ll Help You to Archive Your Goal Easily Which is Becoming Bad Santa in Bitlife.

All You Need to Maintain Your Happiness Bar Between Happy or Sad, It’s Ok to Be Happy Sometimes But Make Sure to Keep It at Lower Side.

It is Possible to Maintain Status of Your Happiness Bar By Just Doing Few Things Like If Sometimes You are Dealing with a Break-Up with Your Girlfriend or May Be There’s Chance Losing Some of Your Family Member Increase The Sadness in Your Life.

Complete a Task to Become Bad Santa in Bitlife

Bad Santa Challenge Bitlife

Now Get Ready For The Some Action and Fun to Become Bad Santa in Bitlife By Participating in Crimes and Other Illegal Activities on Multiple Times, But For Bad Santa You Have to Do Some Special Crimes Such as Burgle into Someone’s House or Any Apartment Near By Your Home or Anywhere in Town.

You Can Clearly See a Raccoon Icon on The Dashboard Just Click on That Button Star Stealing Things Likes, Furniture, Electronic, Pets Anything You Can. Rose and Repeat It More Than Ten Times.

So Before Going For The Crime You Have to Keep Few Things to Keep in Your Mind to Avoid.


Let’s Done The Next Task.

Bad Santa Challenge Bitlife

Same as The First One You Have to Steal Some Thing without Getting Caught Police or Anyone, But at This Time You Have to Steal Something From a Shopping Mall or Supermarkets to Increase Your Chances of Becoming Bad Santa in Bitlife.

Even Nit Only These You Can Do Other Crime as Such as Bank Robery, Delinquent, Geand Theft Auto, Hit-Man, Murder, Picpocket, Train Robery, Porch Pirate, and Many Other Crime Options are Available to Be Done By You in Bitlife.

Make Believe Everyone That Santa Isn’t Real For Bad Santa Challenge Bitlife

Bad Santa Challenge Bitlife

So Here Comes The Last Part of or Task to Complete Bad Santa Challenge in Bitlife, in This Task All YOu Have to Do is Just Tell One or More Child Tha The Santa is not Real.

Now You Wondering How You Can Do That Right

There’s Nothing You Have to Do Just Sit Back and Relax, As You Grow Up You’ll Face a Different Kind of Situation in Your Life and Might Be There’s a Chance Where Some of Them are Related to Santa.

Like in Your Childhood You Make a Wish to Santa, But That wasn’t Complete or Anything You Wished to Get From Santa During Christmas But You Had Not to Receive Yet, So Just Do One Thing Share Your Childhood Experience and Let Them Know That Sant is Not Real or Doesn’t Exit.

Woo Hoo, You Have Completed Your Bad Santa Challenge in Bilife.